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Rest, Recover, Return Home

At Fulton Manor Care Center, we are dedicated to providing our guests the type of care they deserve. Our friendly and caring team provides our residents with personalized therapeutic attention around the clock. We specialize in Short Term Therapy as well as Long Term Care, so we can meet and exceed your needs, whatever they may be.

FMCC offers a variety of conveniences and amenities designed to enhance comfort and improve recovery. From special therapeutic diets to comprehensive rehabilitation, optimum care, comfort and convenience are our priority and ultimate goal. We help residents recover with dignity while receiving compassionate care, personal attention and professional services.

Fulton Manor pays attention to the small details to make your stay most comfortable. From our beautiful guest rooms to peaceful common areas and lounges, and delicious dining services – we strive to make Fulton Manor Care Center your home away from home.

We welcome you to come visit and tour Fulton Manor Care Center today!


Nursing Services

We provide nursing services and around the clock skilled care in a comfortable and friendly environment.


Individualized rehabilitation programs are set specifically for you to bring you back to your best potential.

Social Services

Social services are provided as needed for each resident.